buy a treadmill

buy a treadmill

The Internet has dramatically changed peoples shopping habits. From CDs to Lear Jets, buyers are taking advantage of the convenience of making their purchases at home or in the office.

Purchasing fitness equipment online has grown substantially over the last several years. From numerous infomercial products to high-end home exercise equipment, the Internet provides the medium for detailed information on the benefits and features of each product. As people overcome their fear of cyber shopping, they are learning that the Internet offers both convenience and savings.

Convenience comes from comparative shopping without having to travel to numerous fitness equipment stores, where you often deal with unknowledgeable sales reps. The Internet has empowered the consumer with detailed product information, allowing them to make intelligent purchasing decisions.

In addition, the Internet provides an opportunity to avoid the added costs incurred through purchases at retail stores. A percentage of any price tag at a store includes overhead costs like leasing prime space, employee wages and inventory. The Internet is changing the rules, and online purchases can result in significant savings on items like fitness equipment.

Not all treadmill e-retailers are alike. When making the investment in quality fitness equipment you will want to make certain you are buying from a reliable and trustworthy source. Below are several considerations when selecting an online treadmill dealer:

Legitimacy & Credibility

Let's face it, there are numerous questionable online businesses. All a person needs to start a cyber fitness stores is an inexpensive Web site and a company willing to drop ship treadmills. This can be done out of a person's basement. When selecting a treadmill, look for a company that has a track record and sells in volume. Beware of fly-by-night operations.

You'll want to ask questions like, how long have they been in business? Do they have their own warehouses? Who are their suppliers? What kind of quantities do they sell? What is the average number of returns? What do customers have to say (testimonials)? What kind of third party endorsements have they received?

It is important to purchase a treadmill from a company that will back up their claims and be around for the long term if you ever need service or advice.

Service and Satisfaction

Any online purchase of treadmill should be backed with a "no questions asked" return policy. If for whatever reason you decide that the treadmill is not right for your needs, you should have at least a 30-day option to return the equipment. This places the risk of the purchase on the vendor.

Service guarantees are equally important. When you purchase a treadmill they can weigh up to several hundred pounds. You'll want to make sure that you purchase the equipment from a company that provides in-home repairs.

Repairs should only be done by certified technician, not someone who also repairs lawnmowers on the side. Although most contemporary models are built with modular design, some repairs require skilled labor.

The majority of repairs can be fixed without a technician. Most repairs are minor and can be handled by the treadmill owner. By describing the problem over the phone, a service representative can pinpoint the problem and either instruct you on the immediate repair, or ship you a part that can be easily installed. Purchase your treadmill from an e-business that has phone service representatives with regular hours.


The warranty is extremely important when purchasing a treadmill through the Internet. Depending on the amount of usage, over time parts may wear out on your treadmill.

The extent of the warranty is a reflection on the quality of the equipment and the commitment of the seller/manufacturer to stand behind their treadmills. Manufacturers often limit dealers to sales in restricted territories. If there is any concern about the warranty you may want to contact the manufacturer directly to verify warranty coverage. Warranties can differ from months to years, and usually vary for different components. For example, you could have an initial one-year warranty on all parts and in-home service. Beyond the first year, parts like motors, belts, frames and electronics may have additional extending warranties. For example, some companies are offering lifetime warranties on frames and 10-year warranties on motors.

Often electronics can be self-serviced. Motors and belts may require a technician. Make sure you purchase from a company that provides accessibility to a technician. If you get a one-year labor warranty, after the first year you will need to pay for any physical repairs. The company should assist you in locating a repairman.

Fitness Consultants

Hello, is anybody there? The Internet can be an incredible resource for information, but some times you need a live human being to discuss specifics. Treadmills vary from the dirt cheap, "Blue Light Specials" to industrial strength commercial models. They can be used for casual walking or marathon training. They have various features like heart rate control, electronic interfaces and aeropedic belts. In addition, there are folding and stationary models.

You may know specifically what you are looking for in a treadmill, but if in doubt, you'll want to discuss your needs with a person that really understands which machine is perfect for you. A pure e-commerce Web site may work for selling CDs or books, but when it comes to purchasing a quality treadmill, you'll want to deal with a company that offers expert advice.


Delivering a heavy treadmill, with delicate electronics and highly tuned mechanics, requires a certain level of expertise. In fact, most returns are a result of poorly package and shipped machines. Select a company that has had years of experience shipping freight. They will understand the most secure packing methods and will be working with a proven freight company. This will avoid the hassles and time spent returning damaged equipment.

There is a reason why a treadmill is the most popular fitness equipment. It provides an unsurpassed cardiovascular workout, and accommodates all levels of exercise intensity.

Buying a treadmill online will save time and money, but it is important to purchase from a credible company with knowledgeable individuals. Follow the suggestions listed above to guarantee you buy a machine designed for your needs and back by a reliable dealer. The benefits will be a healthier lifestyle.

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